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  White Siberian Samoyede Kennel     The Samoyede-love a Budapest CACIB was beginning on 1997 of his springs on an exhibition for me. For ever love.... (Then yet my spaniels they were. I claim a memory here to Rizi-Bizi "Jenny" and "Dark" Shadow of Black Mirage) Got on his 1997. autumn to me Kiskunsági Hócsillag Axel, together with who I was growing into the world of the exhibitions and the breeding,. Unfortunately on Axi age I lost it. My first bitch samoyede got into my Kennel in 1998 , it then 2,5 year North's Star First Lady "Sissy", this came into existence in the March of a year from him first White Siberian litter, then with White Siberian Aida and the Felsőgöd Gyöngye Charlie found his way to us in 2003 I continued on the rough way of the breeding. HCH White Siberian Hoymarkana "Hritzo" was born from Aida and Charlie's maiting was my kennel's outstanding Male.   

Elevage WHITE SIBERIAN SAMOYED kennel Hungary *
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